How Valentine’s Day can Improve Your SEO

How Valentine’s Day can Improve Your SEO

It’s Valentine’s Day, but what does that have to do with your online business? When you have a website you can use this seasonal consumer spending to your benefit.

Here’s how you can use Valentines Day to improve your website’s positioning on Google, and how to keep your seasonal content fresh year after year.

Valentine’s Day Sales

Valentine’s day generated over $18 billion in sales in 2018, and in 2019 consumers are expected to spend $19.6 billion. So who is making purchases for this date? Men are the biggest spenders, spending double what women spend, with about 66% of them between the ages of 25 and 34.

While the most popular gifts range from candy, flowers, jewelry, and evenings out—there is also a trend of people buying ‘anti’ Valentine’s Day gifts. Clearly, on this special day your online store can offer something for everyone.

If you make sales through your website, then one of your main concerns is appearing in search results when people search for products or services you offer. Holidays and special dates like Valentine’s Day can help you improve your positioning in these results.

How Can Valentine’s Day help your SEO?

When you create quality content on your website specifically around a special date, such as Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. you’re improving your chances of searchers finding you.

How Valentine’s Day can Improve Your SEO

In the image above, you can see how there is a spike in searches for ‘valentine’s day gifts’ in January and February every year.

Before starting, ask yourself whether your products are given as gifts, and to whom? This is usually a no brainer for most eCommerce stores and many websites selling services, but there are also some great online businesses such as specialty tools, enterprise software, supplies, and machinery that will likely not have to invest their time into creating content for Valentine’s Day.

Curating a gift guide is a great option to help your SEO because it showcases a large selection of your products to potential shoppers in a single space, and it can be easily shared on social media.

In order to take full advantage of the gift guide, follow these steps:

  • Create a new page on your website, or a blog post. Ideally, you should start over a month before the special date.
  • Name it with a keyword that is relevant to the type of products you offer, and your target audience, for instance:
    • ‘Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Bike Lovers/Outdoorsy people’ (if you sell bikes)
    • ‘Best Valentine’s Day for Friends’
    • ‘Valentine’s Day Gifts on a Budget’
    • ‘Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Staff’
    • ‘The Ultimate 2019 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide’
  • Fill in the page or post meta description to fit the upcoming holiday season—remember to include your chosen keywords—Valentine’s Day, Gifts and a keyword that makes your page more specific and relevant to your desired audience.
    • It’s also helpful to include the year in parentheses, so visitors understand it’s fresh content. For instance, ‘Best Valentine’s Day for Friends (2019).’
  • Populate the page or post it with your products – either the actual items to be added directly to a cart, or a list of your products with a description and link to the item. Link to other pages on your site that are relevant to the seasonal shopper.
  • Make an image for your page using a tool like Canva or Pablo, and upload it to Pinterest. Special dates usually have people creating wishlists on this social platform, and with a good cover image, you can get on those wishlists.
  • Optimize the page for speed and mobile – don’t fill it with animated images, auto-playing videos, gifs, or large images.
  • Link to your new content from other pages on your site, and share on social media.
  • Place a banner on your homepage promoting your dedicated page. POWr and Hello Bar are good options.
  • If you’ve created your content with over a month to go before the date, then you can do outreach to other sites in order to build external links for your page.
  • Run your page through a quick SEO audit to make sure nothing is stopping your site from being well positioned in search engines.

Well Optimized Gift Guides

Get inspired with the following gift guides that rank well on Google and do a great job of showcasing the website’s products:

  • Personalized Valentine’s Gifts for Her – this dedicated page has links to their best-selling products. A visitor doesn’t have to search and filter throughout all their products—this guide has already made the selection for them. There is a medium amount of text on the page that contains their keywords.
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her – this gift guide has more of a blog post feel, where items are listed with a brief description and what makes it a great gift. The ‘buy’ button is clearly places for each item.
  • Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts – this is a category page that directly links out to their products and more category pages. It has very little text, but note how well optimized the titles are, and the amount of relevant links this page is pointing to. It’s a ‘hub’ for everything about unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

What Happens After V-Day?

So now that you’ve created your dedicated page, promoted it, and Valentine’s Day has passed, what should you do until next year?

Most of your content should stay ‘timeless’, but make sure to update the page in advance each year: adding your new products, linking to new blog posts, and looking for others to link to your gift guide.

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