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Search Engine Optimization

Improve your Format sites chances of being indexed and increasing its ranking with search engines. You can edit your SEO

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Making your article visible with SEO

Is your article hiding among millions of others, difficult to find and not being read as a result? If it

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How to build a website

For everything now people are using websites. Whether they are small or big businesses, all want to have their own websites where they can promote their company. In this article we will tell you how to free host website, buy domains, build site.

  • Web hosting and domain – In order to built the word press site you need to first have hosting and domain name. To store images, content and website files you need to have hosting. It is a common question by many people that how to free host website. There are many sites which offer free hosting for some time. For domain go daddy is best, but you can try other sites also. Without domain name and hosting your website will not exist.

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  • Set up the website – Once you have buyed the hosting and domain, you need to connect word press to domain and hosting and than you are ready to go for site setup. You can choose one click installation process or manual process for installing word press.
  • Design the website – Once you installed word press, now you can design your website according to your needs and preferences. You can put themes, logos, site icons, contents, designs, colors according to your likes and company needs.
  • Content – when you are done with customizing your website, you need to put a good and relevant content elated to your needs. You cannot use negative lines or any provoking sentences. It has to be unique and attractive but also positive at the same time.

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  • Install Plugins – You need to install plugins like classic editor, mashshare and others, to make you site work for long time and rank good in google search. You can go for Seo plugins for ranking. You can experiment with a lot of plugins and install the best ones for your site.
  • Launch – After doing all things, now you need to launch your website, so that public can see it. Before launching do see the preview that how your website will look to the people. If any changes you want you can do right there and than finally launch.

All these steps are very necessary for your website building. You need to know how to free host website, change themes, etc. At last you need to be active in your site and keep editing and posting contents from time to time. Keep your site simple yet attractive.